Hot Sauce Set

Hot Sauce Set

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Enjoy Chef Nikky's Hot Sauces

This kit contains the following: 

Hot Sauce | Drama Queen Original Flavor | Drama Queen Basil Flavor

Hot Sauce

This hot sauce provides you with an explosion of heat with a hint of acidity! Elevate any dish with the addition of this hot sauce and give your palate a delightful spicy surprise. 

Vegan & Gluten-Free


Chili, salt, distilled vinegar, potassium sorbate, sodium bisulfite as a preservative, and xantham gum

 Drama Queen

Dramaqueen Thai Crispy Chilli spice mix is a Thai royal crispy chili oil spice recipe that has the perfect combination of spicy chilis, garlic, and delicious oil that accompanies any dish! Pick up a packet now and you'll understand why it's called Dramaqueen!